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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Call this progress...

Today was the first visit we have made to Ikea for about 4 years and to be honest, we spent quite a bit more money that we'd planned but I am now sitting on one of the reasons we went and its rather, nay very, comfortable. But here's the crunch...

We bought a couple of chairs and footstools (or pouffes as we used to call them, honestly...) which went together rather well but then I turned around to face the packaging. There was masses of it; cardboard, corregated cardboard, plastic bags and tape. Are we in the 21st century or what? We were doing all this in the 70s - 30 years ago. If we can make stuff that expands on contact with air, why can we not make something that contracts? You know, fill up a vacuum bag with the dismembered furniture then pump it full of this contracto-foam. Open the bag at home, foam contracts to something the size of a sugar cube leaving the furniture for you to assemble with no excess packaging to deal with.

Wouldn't it be nice to have something that made you feel that you were indeed in the 21st century; with the exception of an uncomfortable number of self opinionated pseudo diaries at your fingertips...?


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