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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I have the blood and the tears, but where's the sweat..?

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration... Thomas Edison.

This is from one of the greatest inventors (or thief for those outside of the USA) of all time. But if I'm not searching for Genius then surely the ratio must change a bit?

For starters, the word genius is bantered around far too much; anyone who has come up with an idea while having social standing, noteriety or being rich is pretty much included there in recent times. So that alters the ratio somewhat.

Also, quite a few places on the all-knowing Google are quoting the phrase a 5% inspiration, so this is a good indication that there is room to manoeuver.

So if I'm looking for above mediocre but below genius, then the percentage for inspiration must be a much bigger chunk of the perspiration bit. Well that was until I really started to think about it.

For mediocre, the inspiration is pretty low, practically zero, therefore there is actually more perspiration required. Damn, didn't see that coming - it puts my whole life into perspective; I've worked far harder for my mediocre ideas than if I'd attempted to be a genius. So being a genius is only an escape from real work and the probable seeking of nerd hero worship. What a bunch of bastards.


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