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Friday, January 13, 2006

Murder She Wrote....?

Having seen that this is back on television again the other day, it started me wondering about the whole underlying thread of Murder She Wrote and I think its not that hard to work it all out...

The first thing I realised was that anyone who invited this lady to a party, or heaven forbid a family reunion, is not only committing social suicide, but likely to be involved in a series of 'mysterious' murders. But where's the mystery? Everywhere she goes people are murdered; can't be that hard to see the common link. This lady is America's most prolific serial murderer and is possibly its most proficient bullshitter. Not only can she convince the police with deftly cast aspersions that the pile of bodies stacked up behind her are nothing to do with her, but she can do it once a week! She even has motive; her career is based on writing about these very murders and it must get a bit tiring waiting for one to happen by co-incedence.

Murder She Wrote... more like Murder She Did.


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