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Sunday, January 15, 2006

The writing course...

I've always enjoyed writing and while living in Guildford wifie and I decided to each do an evening course; her choice was fine dining and mine's was Writing for Fun and Profit. I certainly had fun, but not managed to see any profit yet but I digress...

I was the only man/boy/guy/male (select one from the list) on the course. This is not important, but I feel bears mentioning.

On the first evening of the course, as an introdutory excerice we were to write something down about our most frightening moment. This was a great start as I drew an immediate blank and sat there while everyone else was writing away with the proverbial nothing on my mind. The following is the best I could come up:

My most frightening moment

My most frightening moment is something I can remember as if it happened yesterday, but had happened today.

I was sitting in a class surrounded by people I didn’t know and desperate to find the words for a subject I’d never given much thought to. I could feel the dread building up as the expectation of having to read it out loud was dawning upon me and very little was appearing on the paper. Of any consequence.

Would it be discussed with partners, spouses or children as the “I really felt sorry for him...”

It was as bad as that and what could only stretch the limits of kindness by being called inauspicious.

From then on it was writing a story on a subject given each week. This could come from a title (and which they mostly did), a theme, a sentence or a method. The idea was to have a stock of material that could then be sent to magazines. I'll start with the one that I did and was rejected...


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