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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Water - the new misdirected propaganda

I'm not sure if this is happening in other parts of the world, but we are constantly getting told how important our Water Reserves are and how we must do everything we can to save water, every day.

In Victoria we are now set at permanent 'Stage 2' water restrictions. In country Victoria, they're at 'Stage 4' - which is more than an inconvenience.

The problem is, they are willing to let private companies bottle it up by the cubic tonne. The fact is, they don't own the water they are selling.

To put the prices into perspective, there was a massive wave of compaints when the petrol passed the $1 per litre mark - it is now a major concern that it is sometimes as high as $1.30 and hangs around the $1.20 more or less consistently.

So petrol is considered expensive at over $1 a litre; yet in the same garage people will pay $2.60 for a 330ml bottle of water. That is pretty much $7.80 a litre. So, if your car ran on water you would be paying over 6 times the amount you're paying for your petrol.

The overall message from our governments is that we all have to care for our future by conserving every drop - but CocaCola (who bottle the Mount Franklin brand) can take as much as they want to simply make a rather large profit.


Blogger Sharyn said...

You are so right Roddy, and the other thing is that many companies use water from our reserves to water down their liquid waste. So that they can get it to a level where it is safe to be put down the drain. There's something else to think about!!!

3:30 pm  

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