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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Learning Process... Making a Film (3)

Day 2

After a sleepless night with a nagging pain in my ankles and calf muscles I decided the best approach for 'Day 2' would be to get the house stuff I needed to do out of the way first to allow me to start working out the how, when and who of each shot in the screenplay.

So the washing up, then the hoovering and brushing of the stairs and floorboards led to the final task of clearing up the dead branches on the trees in the back garden. It was my first time of hacking down dead branches from a tree and it was a bit nerve wracking being on a ladder that swayed with the wind. I should have waited for a day when it wasn't as windy, but that could be like waiting for a day with no rain in Scotland. Once I'd sawed down the higher ones, I could use the step ladder for the others and with a lot of climbing, moving and stretching with a pruning saw and branch cutters, I could then collect them, break them up and store them in pile.

This, as you may have rightly guessed, has nothing to do with making a film. It does, however, have everything to do with why I spent the rest of the day being barely able to walk (literally) and with a fogged up head and clogged up nose and very painful muscles.

The learning process here should have been knowing when to quit.


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