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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Learning Process... Making a Film

Let me just say first up, that I know nothing about how one goes about making a short film. Given this fact, I thought it might be interesting to see what one finds out when one sits down and actually gives it a go.

The first thing I did, personally, was to come up with an idea that would be (or seem to be) easy to shoot; ie, not include 100 actors and more scenes than a drama queen on a first date. So gathering the 1% inspiration together, I thought about an idea I had and then thought about it some more. This took a few months...

Then after much reminding from a colleague at work who had made his own full-length feature film, I typed up the screenplay. It didn't take too long at all, a couple of lunch times and a train journey to work and it was in a usable state. So I re-read a few times over the following weeks and adjusted the margins...

Everything about this film was to take on the basis of a one-man project costing as next to nothing as possible. I already had a video camera I'd bought back in 1999 and used as much as most people use their video camera. One holiday and my wedding. The set is to be a bedroom, the only other character that can be seen is dead and barely recognisable. There is only one actor and thats me (the others are voices and shadows). What could possibly be hard about this?

So given all this criteria that I actually took some time off work to spend some 'quality time' on making a draft of my short film.


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