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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Competition over..

Well, the Retro Remakes competition is now over and the entry is there. There has been a resounding silence over the entry on the forums; but I'm not going to let that bother me...

Who am I kidding - I'm really depressed about it. The screenshot on the right is the title screen - the logo was designed by a girl named Viv at work and it looks fab.

I'm quite happy with the game, given that it runs completely in software rendering with my own library controlling the camera, quads, pyramids, etc. While I did attempt OpenGL, it was too late in the day to start dealing with the different scaling and Allegro never seemed to work properly when going from OpenGL mode to Allegro mode...

Its available to download at the Retro Remakes site; its the second last entry out of 75 of them, which is possibly one reason why a lot of people have not tried it (yet?). Use the following link to find all the other entries - a lot which look depressingly impressive:

So real life is getting back together. The last few days have been spent redoing the Jukebox; inside and out. The box has been rebuilt with a CN1000G Mini-itx motherboard - which entails that it is now running out of a self-contained shoebox. The software has also been updated quite a bit, it now has the stats to follow the most played Songs, Artists and Albums and several less memory leaks.

The jukebox monitor still needs a decent window frame over the monitor and the sides completed (and then painted). One day soon...

So the next phase rolls in... but here's another few shots of the game for my own vanity (including one from the original ZX Spectrum)...


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