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Friday, October 31, 2008

Kicking off the long weekend

It's Friday and the next four days beckon towards me like a sultry temptress. I have to admit, I'm quite looking forward to it; although at the moment I'm sitting on the train on the way to climbing wishing I hadn't downed a litre and a half of water such a short time ago.

The train is actually full of Ireland and Australian supporters for the final, of three, international rules game tonight; which I did enjoy a lot when I went a couple of years ago. The atmosphere is good natured as pretty much all Australian sporting events are; with loads of tops for both sides around the train with no thought given to the possibility of animosity.

Tomorrow morning we head off into the outer reaches of Victoria to find some peace, quiet, solitude, food and wine with a work detox. Its the time that you promise to yourself that you'll be in the frame of mind to start exercising again after you get back because everything will seem so much clearer and brighter after a change of pace and scenery. Here's hoping anyway...

I'm tempted to chronologue a fitness regime with the Wii Fit on the blog, to make it more of a scheduled series of events and list how things are going. Someone at work came up with an excellent solution to the cross trainer rubbing the skin off my hands which I'll try – using the towelling that you can stick to tennis racquets, etc. Its another constant battle against my need for order and my want of disorder to keep the boring man inside me just quietly complaining to get out under lock and key.

We'll see what happens after getting back.


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