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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back from the outback

Well – not really the outback, but the Grampians area of Victoria called Strathbogie (really). Its about 2 or so hours North of Melbourne through a multitude of signs saying 'No' to the North-South pipeline, which is currently being constructed next to the road.

The North-South pipeline is something that I only came across recently in the media, when a woman in her farm was arrested for obstructing the construction of it. From what I do know, it does seem that the pipeline is a fairly short-sighted measure that the farmers have every right to be upset about. It's a water pipe to bring extra water to the city, thereby reducing the amount available to the farms to do things like grow food and allow their animals to drink. You could never accuse the farmers of wasting water in Australia – but the same could not be said of those folks in the city. The water usage is now going up from my condensed dwelling companions as the campaign to get people to be more conservative is more losing ground the longer it runs. People are still wasting a shed load of water in the city; whether through their gardens or just not giving it much thought. It does seem peculiar that the water is physically taken from the people who desperately need it to be given to people who squander it while being hinted at from an advertising campaign. I guess there are more voters in the city.

Its always a pleasant surprise when it turns out that people really are more pleasant in the country; and even more surprising when people are helpful, courteous and friendly. From someone who has to take the train every day, its like the world has had an exorcism. The farm we were staying at was near a place called Ruffy (really). The surroundings were just what the doctor ordered after so much stress caused by endless, loud bass music and earthquake inducing car engine revving. As an extra bonus, one of the resident dogs had recently given birth to six of the cutest rough-and-tumble puppies; endearing doesn't even come close. The cottage we were staying in also had a rather nice pool table which was excellent; playing on it over the long weekend brought back memories of when I could actually pocket balls.

The area surrounding the farm has the most unusual rocks and boulders that really have to be seen (might be able to put a photo in this post); how they are 'placed' is really are quite intriguing and can bring one to consider and philosophical thoughts while drinking a nice, hot cup of tea. We were told of a market in Euroa, which we dawdled along to. As is the case in most of my life, there was someone there to tell us how much better is was the year before.


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